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H11 Motorcycle LED Light Kit


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H11 application motorcycle LED Conversion Kit. The H11 application is a single filament bulb meaning it only does one application at a time. This Motorcycle LED Kit comes equipped with one bulb and produce 4,000 Lumens.

Change your dull factory halogen bulb to a bright LED using this fanless LED kit. A plug-n-play set up requires only the LED bulb to replace one halogen bulb, no modifications are required! The cooling coils or heat sinks on the LED bulb are super flexible and therefore take up little to no extra room! The LED produces 4000 lumen, draws only 35w of power, and comes in the bright diamond white 6000k color!

Shop for motorcycle led headlight bulb Automotive at motorcycle led headlight bulb are available in pure white color.

Whats Included: One fanless 6000k LED bulb.

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