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9006 / 9006L+ / 9006LL / 9006xs / 9012 / HB4 - HID CONVERSION KITS


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9006 HID Conversion otherwise known as HB4 are the best selling HID Kits. Found in just about every manufacturer from BMW to Ford 9006 bulbs can be found in your vehicles low beams, daytime running lights or fog lights. Completely plug and play 9006 HID Kits can be installed by virtually anyone on any car or truck. Average installation time runs from 5-15 minutes and does not require any special skills for a do it your self installation. Optional ballast upgrades are available ranging from 35 watt ballasts to 55 watt ballasts and Canbus ballasts. Your 9006 HID Kit comes with everything you will need to convert your car or truck to HID's. Added accessories such as Relay harnesses and Cancellers are also available for you to purchase along with your HID Kit. If your car or truck is equipped with auto lights and or daytime running lights than we strongly suggest you purchase a relay harness and cancellers. Purchase a lifetime warranty upgrade and never worry about purchasing another kit again.

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9006 HID Conversion Kit Installation Manuals:

9006 HID Conversion Kit 

9006 HID Conversion Kit (with Relay) 

9006 HID Conversion Kit (with Cancellers)

9006 HID Conversion Kit (With Relay + Canceller Combo)