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H4 / H4-60-55W / H4-45W / 9003 / 9003LL - HID CONVERSION KITS


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H4 HID Conversion Kits as also know as 9003 HID Kit. They are the same exact bulb but have two different part numbers. H4 Kits are dual filament bulbs that provide light from your low beams and high beams from the same bulb. If you would like to have HID lights on both your low beams and your high beams you will need to select the Bi-xenon upgrade.

Otherwise the standard H4 HID Conversion kit will only give  you HID lights on your low beams and halogen light on your high beams. Additionally multiple ballasts upgrade are available for you to choose from ranging from Digital to 55 watt ballasts. Added functionality components such as relays and cancellers are strongly recommended to be purchased with you H4 HID Kit.

Extend your warranty for life with the lifetime warranty upgrade available to you only at the time of purchase. HID Ballasts and HID Bulbs are included in the purchase of your HID Kit.  

Shop for hid conversion kit Automotive at hid conversion kit are available in golden yellow, pure white, bright white, ice blue and deep blue color.

H4 HID Conversion Kit Installation Manuals:

H4 HID Conversion Kit 

H4 HID Conversion Kit (with Relay)

H4 HID Conversion Kit (with Cancellers)

H4 HID Conversion Kit (With Relay + Canceller Combo)