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H11 / H11B / H9 / H8 / H16 - HID CONVERSION KITS


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H11 HID Conversion Kits are a single beam application HID Kit. HidNation's H11 HID Kit is a 100% plug and play kit that does not require any modification to the kit or your vehicle to get it to work. Average install time runs between 5-15 minutes simply depending on how difficult it is to get to your factory bulb. H11 bulbs are a newer version of the 9006 application of bulbs.

It will be only a matter of time before H11 bulbs become the number 1 seller among all automotive light bulbs. H11 Halogen bulbs have a lumens output of 1350Lm while our H11 HID Kit have an output of approximately 3,000Lm providing you with a substantial increase in brightness and visibility. Provided with your HID Kit purchase is a pair of HID xenon bulbs and a pair of ballasts along with all the necessary installation accessories. Added accessories are also available such as relay harnesses and error cancellers. Generally If your car or truck has day time running or auto lights than we strongly recommend you purchase the relay and cancellers. 


H11 HID Conversion Kit Installation Manuals:

H11 HID Conversion Kit 

H11 HID Conversion Kit (with Relay)

H11 HID Conversion Kit (with Cancellers)

H11 HID Conversion Kit (With Relay + Canceller Combo)


Shop for h11 hid kit Automotive at h11 hid kit are available in golden yellow, pure white, bright white, ice blue and deep blue color.