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5006 Motorcycle HID CONVERSION KIT

SKU: HID-KIT-5006-1

$76.99 $149.99
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5006 Sealed Beam headlight HID CONVERSION KIT. You are purchasing 1 piece of 5006 Headlight along with a premium HIDNation HID Conversion KIT. Convert your existing headlights to HID by simply installing this plugs and play system.

This conversion kit is designed to easily replace factory 5.75" round sealed beam headlights using a new halogen capsule headlight and a premium HIDnation HID conversion kit for the brightest lights possible. The entire conversion is plug and play! The new glass headlight that is included is a standard reflector style housings (not projector).

5006 Motorcycle HID CONVERSION KIT are available in golden yellow, pure white, bright white, ice blue, deep blue, purple and blue color.

Whats Included- In the kit you will receive One glass, round 5.75" housing, One H4 HID bulb in the color of your choice, and One HID ballast of your choice. Please note, if you have a dual beam headlight (low beam and high beam in the same housing) the bulb is high/low style so the low beam will be HID filament and the high beam will be halogen filament.