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SKU: HID-BULB-9004/9007

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9007 HID replacement bulbs are available in a variety of color options. These 9007 HID Bulbs are completely plug and play and do not require any modification. These bulbs are available in two options including the Bi-xenon option which will enable you to have HID Lights on your low beams and high beams.

9007  HID replacement bulbs are a set of bulbs compatible to replace existing HID bulbs and will be compatible with either 35w and 55w ballast systems.  The bulbs come in various colors to choose from including, a pure white close to factory color, diamond white, light blue, dark blue and violet! All HID bulbs require ballasts.  If you still have factory halogens then you will need the HID conversion kit, not just the bulbs. 

You can use the vehicle search tool on the homepage to ensure you select the correct part number for your car.  If you have aftermarket headlight assemblies, the part number will most likely be different in which you should check the bulb number currently installed. 

Shop for 9007 hid bulb Automotive at 9007 hid bulb are available in golden yellow, pure white, bright white, ice blue, deep blue, purple and blue color. 

What's Included- A quantity of "1" will include TWO HID bulbs only. 100 % Plug-n-Play no additional modification needed. The bulbs come manufactured with the pigtails and connectors required to connect to the ballasts and vehicle harness.