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H3 / H3-35W / H3-55W / 64146BC / 453 - HID CONVERSION KITS


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H3 HID Conversion Kits are known to be used in fog lights for most vehicles. They are however found in some low beam applications as well as in aftermarket projector headlamps. Installation of this kit is made simple and is 100% plug and play.

A pair of premium ballast and bulbs make for a quick and easy installation. Increase the brightness of your headlights by over 300% with this HID Kit. You can add a relay harness and cancellers to your purchase of this HID Kit.

Optional ballast upgrades are also available and they range from 55 watt ballasts to Canbus Ballasts. 

Shop for h3 hid bulb Automotive at h3 hid bulb are available in golden yellow, pure white, bright white, ice blue and deep blue color.

H3 HID Conversion Kit Installation Manuals:

H3 HID Conversion Kit 

H3 HID Conversion Kit (with Relay)

H3 HID Conversion Kit (with Cancellers)

H3 HID Conversion Kit (With Relay + Canceller Combo)

Superior Lighting Performance

Our H3 HID Conversion Kits are meticulously designed to provide exceptional lighting performance, offering a substantial upgrade over traditional halogen bulbs. HID (High-Intensity Discharge) technology produces a powerful, bright white light that closely mimics natural daylight. This enhanced illumination ensures that you can see obstacles, road signs, and other vehicles with remarkable clarity, significantly improving your visibility and safety during nighttime and low-light driving conditions. The focused beam pattern ensures optimal light distribution, reducing glare for oncoming traffic and providing a more comfortable and safe driving experience.


Enhanced Durability and Longevity

One of the standout features of our H3 HID Conversion Kits is their impressive lifespan. HID bulbs can last up to three times longer than conventional halogen bulbs, providing you with up to 3,000 hours of bright, reliable light. This extended lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and money. Additionally, our HID kits are built to withstand the rigors of everyday driving, including exposure to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and moisture. The durable construction ensures consistent performance and reliability, no matter where your journey takes you.


Energy Efficiency

Our H3 HID Conversion Kits are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power while delivering brighter light compared to halogen bulbs. This reduced power consumption translates to less strain on your vehicle’s electrical system, potentially improving fuel efficiency and extending the life of your battery and alternator. The lower energy usage also means less heat generation, which helps maintain the longevity and performance of your headlight components.


Easy Installation Process

Installing our H3 HID Conversion Kits is straightforward and hassle-free, thanks to the plug-and-play design. The kits come with all the necessary components, including HID bulbs, ballasts, and wiring harnesses, ensuring a seamless installation process. Most users can complete the installation in under an hour without the need for professional assistance. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through each step, making it easy to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system quickly and efficiently.


Versatile Compatibility

Our H3 HID Conversion Kits are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making them a versatile lighting solution for many drivers. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, truck, or motorcycle, our HID kits are designed to fit seamlessly and enhance your vehicle’s lighting performance. This broad compatibility ensures that more drivers can benefit from the superior performance and visibility offered by our HID technology.


Customizable Color Temperatures

Our H3 HID Conversion Kits are available in various color temperatures, allowing you to customize the appearance of your headlights to match your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer a cool, crisp white light or a slightly warmer tone, we offer options to suit your needs. This customization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also ensures optimal visibility under different driving conditions.


Comprehensive Warranty and Support

We stand by the quality of our H3 HID Conversion Kits and offer a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring you have a positive experience with our products. We are committed to providing exceptional service and support, helping you make the most of your purchase.