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H3 / H3-35W / H3-55W / 64146BC / 453 LED HEADLIGHT KIT


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One set of Premium H3 LED HEADLIGHTS. Built to last these LED Lights produce 30 Watts of power and provide you with 3700 Lumens of light output. They come in a Bright White 6,000k for optimal visibility and clarity.

This LED kit has everything you need to make the switch from halogens to the newer and best lighting option of LED. LEDs compared to other lighting technology are the most reliable option with an all-in-one design for truly the best Plug-n-Play option. This LED kit has an instant on/ instant off design with no need for a warm-up period like HIDs.The LED kit has a built-in fan for cooling to keep the leds from overheating. Our LEDs come in a 6,000K bright white color. The LEDs are 3700 lumen per side and only draw 30w! LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

Whats Included: Two LED bulbs with optional Error Decoder for purchase. Our canceler/decoders prevent flickering of the led kit and prevents error signals from appearing on your dashboard.

Shop for h3 led bulb Automotive at h3 led bulb are available in a bright white color.