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This H7 LED Conversion Kit replaces your factory H7 halogen bulb and converts it to LED. Producing 4,000 Lumens this LED Kit will increase your visibility substantially. A 100% plug and play system this LED Conversion is easy to install and does not require any modification to your vehicle.

This is the most advances LED Kit in the market and its 100% Fan-less!. No more bulky fans that cause overheating and high failure rates. This system uses highly advances cooling coils that never get hot and do not take up any addition room for installation. Optional Decoders are available for cars and trucks that are equipped with daytime running and auto lights.

Shop for led headlight conversion kit Automotive at led headlight conversion kit are available in a pure white color.

Unmatched Brightness and Clarity

Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting with the H7 LED Conversion Kit from HIDNation. This kit provides a significant boost in brightness, delivering a crisp, white light far superior to traditional halogen bulbs. This enhanced illumination improves your visibility on the road, allowing you to see further and wider. Whether you’re driving at night or in adverse weather conditions, this upgrade ensures a safer and more confident driving experience.


Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting

The H7 LED Conversion Kit is designed for maximum energy efficiency. LED bulbs consume significantly less power than halogen or HID bulbs, reducing the load on your vehicle’s electrical system. This increased efficiency can lead to improved fuel economy and longer battery life. Additionally, with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, these LED bulbs outlast standard halogen options by a wide margin, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and providing excellent long-term value.


Easy Installation

Our H7 LED Conversion Kit features a user-friendly, plug-and-play installation process. The kit includes all necessary components, such as bulbs, drivers, and detailed instructions. No advanced technical skills are required—most users can complete the installation in under 30 minutes using basic tools. This hassle-free process ensures you can quickly and easily upgrade your vehicle’s lighting without the need for professional assistance.


Durable and Weather-Resistant

Built to withstand the toughest driving conditions, the H7 LED bulbs are both shock-resistant and waterproof. Whether you’re driving through rain, snow, or rough terrain, these bulbs are designed to perform reliably. Their robust construction ensures consistent performance and longevity, providing dependable lighting in all scenarios.


Modern Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to functional benefits, the H7 LED Conversion Kit also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. The bright, white light emitted by the LED bulbs gives your car a modern, stylish look, setting it apart from vehicles with outdated, yellow halogen lights. This upgrade not only improves visibility but also adds a contemporary touch to your vehicle’s appearance.